Lothlorien - Il Sale sulla Coda. 1998 Italy

Lothlorien - Il Sale sulla Coda. 1998 Lizard (CD)

For my tastes, Lothlorien were one of the finest of the late 90's Italian progressive rock bands, of which there were many. The differentiators are the strong keyboard work (in particular the piano), the flute, and the fantastic vocals in Italian. The music is constantly on the move, and the guitarist isn't afraid to take the proceedings into the 90s. Musically, the band's melodic style recalls the pastoral Errata Corrige - except as met up with 1989 period Nuova Era perhaps. This is a really fine effort, with a compositional style similar to the original 70s masters, but there's no mistaking this is from 1998. If I had a complaint, it would be the overly bright 90s production. Otherwise, excellent in every way. I would love to see this band reform for a second effort.

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