Dillinger - s/t. 1974 Canada

In some ways, this is darn near the perfect early 70s progressive hard rocker, with grungy organ and loud guitar, fronted by an extra-testosterone-laced lead vocalist. One can easily see this band being label mates of Spirit of Christmas (both were on Daffodil), though Dillinger were certainly not as ethereal. But there are a couple of downers – one is their rancid rendition of a Spirit track ('Nature's Way')  – and, gasp, the obligatory over long drum solo on the side long 'Live and Return'. Still, a great example of the Midwestern progressive sound. I'm one of the few folks who think they improved on their second Don't Lie to the Band album.

Personal collection
CD: 2001 Unidisc

The original LP comes in a gatefold. The CD offers nothing more than a straight reissue with no extras of any kind.

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