Lisker - s/t. 1979 Spain (Basque)

Lisker - s/t. 1979 Xoxoa

CD reissue: 1994 Lost Vinyl

LP reissue: 2002 Guerssen

Packaging details: One of the more highly sought after rarities from the Basque Country of Spain. I once had the original gatefold in the 90s, but couldn't resist trading it for about 30 new CDs back then. Even today, I question whether or not that was a good idea. But money was much more scarce then for the UMR. Like all Lost Vinyl reissues, the CD is bare bones with no info. It's legit and from the masters, but there's also quite a bit of hiss. This is the version I own. I haven't heard or seen the Guerssen LP, but if it's like the others on the label, I'm sure it's an overall excellent package.

Notes: A rather simplistic, primarily instrumental, album filled with fuzz guitar and flute, nice melodies, and a healthy amount of energy. From the above statement, two items are worth calling out: 1) The melodies are well thought-out, and are memorable long after the music has stopped. And 2) the guitar tone is decidedly psychedelic, which is quite the rarity for a 1979 recording. Lisker probably tracks closest to the French band Triode. And the melodic quotient could make one state that Lisker is to the Basque Country what Gotic is to Catalonia. Plus the psychedelic influences of course. Good album.

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