Tale Cue - Voices Beyond My Curtain. 1991 Italy

Tale Cue were of the earliest bands to participate in the Italian progressive rock renaissance. For the era and location, they were wired closest to Ezra Winston. That is to say, a strong neo progressive sound with English vocals. So early in fact, it's quite apparent Tale Cue were pre-Google Translate as well. I haven't the slightest idea what Voices Beyond my Curtain, Prisoner of Cutting Light, and Flying to Fade can possibly mean. No matter though, as I probably wouldn't understand the Italian variations either, though I would have preferred the local language had been applied. Still it's apparent Tale Cue have quite an imagination, and the six lengthy tracks here allow them to expand those ideas in unique ways. This is definitely a guitar based album, and the instrument dominates along with the shrill female vocals - vocals that somehow fit the music perfectly.

As stated by other reviewers, it is a tragedy the band stopped after this one fine effort.

Personal collection
CD: 1991 Musea (France)

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  1. Mark says: "Agree that this is a fine CD, Tom. If you like their sound, be sure to check out UK acts Loermel & Janison Edge. Can't leave without a nit-pick: Ezra Winston "Neo"? Really? I know I don't have a good handle on the word, but I would have called the first one almost retro and the 2nd a homage to Hackett. :)"

    My response: "Thanks for the tips Mark! I'm not familiar either of those UK bands so I'll have to seek them out. And certainly "Ancient Afternoons" by Ezra Winston is a special release that goes beyond the neo tag (I'll be featuring it eventually). But "Myth...", I dunno man. I think you and I will need to go "4 beers deep" on that conversation. For me that album was definitely groundbreaking for the Italian scene in 1988. But I would need some serious arm-twisting to reverse the neo tag on it. Even with the flute... :-) I still can't believe that album hasn't been reissued on CD. Not that I would ever sell my LP anyway!"


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