Sezon Dozhdei (Rainy Season) - Vozvrashenie (The Return). 1992 Russia

Sezon Dozhdei are definitely a product of the early 90s progressive rock scene. With just three tracks, they leave plenty of room to experiment within each composition. Keyboards are what dominate here, with waves of dense sounds that penetrate deep while sonorous guitar lines glide on top. The rhythm section keeps it all together and there are plenty of meter changes to make it interesting. Some nice flute to enjoy on the opening track as well. At times, this reminds me a bit of Djam Karet's Reflections of the Firepool.

Personal collection
CD: 2001 Boheme

The LP is surprisingly well made (Capitalist style), and demonstrates that the last throes of the Soviet Union had been fully realized. All the same I sold the LP when the CD from Boheme first came out. Boheme, as stated before, pretty much reissued every important ex-Soviet progressive rock album (excepting Firyuza maybe). The CD comes with excellent liner notes in English (and Russian), and sounds fantastic.

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