Klaus Schulze and Gunter Schickert - The Schulze-Schickert Session. 1975 Germany

Klaus Schulze and Gunter Schickert - The Schulze-Schickert Session. 2013 Mirumir (Russia)

Other Gunter Schickert features on the UMR

Archival release from 1975 released in both CD and LP formats.

Two legends of 1970s electronic music came together for one "living room" session, and produced the 45 minute+ piece presented here - an album that was oft-bootlegged until the Mirumir label of Russia finally settled the score in a legal manner (for those doubters that remain, the reissue received the blessing of Klaus Schulze on his own website. And the CD features unique liners from long time biographer Klaus Muller). And while the music is not exactly "Timewind" meets "Samtvogel", the characteristics of their individual styles remain intact. Schickert is primarily on acoustic guitar, with nylon strings it appears - played in his trademark sound-on-sound style. Klaus has his usual field day with his sequencers and synthesizer solos. And so it goes for 45 minutes, a pleasant excursion into the minds of two of Berlin's finest e-musik pioneers.

While I'm not 100% certain of this (the liners do not clarify), but it seems to me the final two pieces are Schulze solo works tacked onto the end to fill the CD - perhaps from the same time frame, sans Schickert.

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