Wolf People - Fain. 2013 England

Wolf People - Fain. 2013 Jagjaguwar (USA)

CD issue: 2013 Jagjaguwar (USA)

For those who keep hoping that Transatlantic didn't release all of their tapes in 1971, then Wolf People gives one hope that such reel-to-reels may have been found. Except Fain was recorded in 2013. Don't tell the band though. It may depress them beyond recovery. So, in the end, Wolf People appear to be a cross between fictional band mates Stray, CMU, and even Gryphon. Perhaps Wolf People may want to go completely madcap and next try to emulate Jan Dukes de Grey and Marsupilami. Not sure even I could handle that - may need a heart surgeon nearby for an experience like that. I'll take what I can get... and encourage Wolf People to continue their odyssey through the deranged 1971 mindset. I can listen to stuff like this all day.


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