Purson - The Circle & The Blue Door. 2013 England

Purson - The Circle & The Blue Door. 2013 Rise Above

CD issues: 2013 Rise Above; 2013 Metal Blade (USA); 2013 Trooper (Japan)

Starting with strummed acoustic guitar, followed by flute mellotron, shimmering cymbals, and phased female vocals - yea ALRIGHT we're in 1971 again! Do I look like I'm complaining? Helllll, no. A heavy bass run, more mellotron, acoustic guitar, and there it is, heavy organ and psychedelic guitar. Cool, I'm happy. What's for dinner?

Purson is more early 70s rock than progressive rock, and in reality, it fits quite nicely in my Proto Prog with Female Vocals list. Adding now...

If any of the above remotely interests you, then of course you'll want to own this. Another winner from Rise Above!


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