Gurumaniax - Psy Valley Hill. 2010 Germany

Presumably, the members of Gurumaniax need no introduction, nor does its core group Guru Guru, so off to my notes we go...

Almost everyone I know that is aged 70 tends to be a doddering Grandfather, or someone who fiddles in the yard/garden to pass the day. Some are more active of course - maybe they travel extensively, run a restaurant, or they still immerse themselves in day-to-day corporate business. But absolutely no one I know at age 70 has recorded a KRAUTROCK ACID FREAKOUT album, as has Mr. Neumeier, who was already 30 when the monumental UFO was released in 1970. Joining Mani is the youngster guitarist Ax Genrich who was only 25 when UFO was launched. And Belgian bassist Guy Segers (Univers Zero) fills in ably for Uli Trepte (RIP) - he himself no spring chicken. The music squarely fits into the exploratory Ohr years of Guru Guru, with heavy psychedelic jams offset by spacey parts. What an inspiration to see these guys still possess the spirit of their youth. I just hope I still have the excitement of listening to this stuff at 70! Gurumaniax's music make kids in their 20s put on the oxygen masks. I love it.

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CD: 2010 Bureau B

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