Takeshi Inomata & Sound Limited - Innocent Canon. 1971 Japan

Takeshi Inomata & Sound Limited - Innocent Canon. 1971 King

CD reissues: 2007 King; 2012 King

Packaging details: "Innocent Canon" is another one of those hopelessly obscure Japanese underground albums that few know about. Inomata himself is a known jazzer, but like many of his contemporaries, he went out of his mind with psychedelic music between 1970-1972. The first CD press went by before anyone noticed. Now you have a second chance, and I certainly didn't miss it this time. I'd make the same suggestion to you all before this disappears into the mists of time. The artwork throughout features some very weird erotic sketches.

Notes: If the movie "Lost in Translation" had been made in 1971 instead of 2003, then "Innocent Canon" would most certainly have been its soundtrack. Forget the fictional Sausalito with their hipster lounge covers of forgotten Mary Butterworth tunes, and cozy-up with Sound Limited and their groovy late 60s Beat Club smackdown. This is the psychedelic soundtrack of your imagination, but never actually witnessed. One complete acid drenched freakout by a deranged Japanese jazz big band, where the action takes place in a carnival funhouse rather than the video arcade. They even lift the phased-drum-with-narration-bit from no less a luminary than Group 1850's "Agemo's Trip From Mother Earth". Damn, this is awesome.

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