Missus Beastly - s/t. 1970 Germany

Missus Beastly's debut is squarely in the psychedelic blues rock camp, and is significantly different than their later (and brilliant IMO) jazz rock albums. Highlights here are the gloomy organ, Mississippi Delta blues guitar, and downer vocals. Definitely strives for a down and out American alley sound. And succeeds for the most part.

Personal collection
LP: 2012 Garden of Delights

Missus Beastly's debut album is one of the earliest examples of a studio album being pirated and resold (Nara Asst Incense). While this has sadly become common practice in the CD era, it was very rare in the early 70s when the industry was more tightly controlled. I mention it here only as an historical curiosity, rather than as a recommendation to look for it. Needless to say, the CD and LP versions from Garden of Delights is where you'll want to focus your buying power. The GoD LP duplicates the brilliant gatefold cover, and provides full liner notes. Originals on CPM are extremely rare and expensive. The OPP bootleg version, as expected given its legal status, is much easier to find.

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