Many Bright Things - Many Bright Friends. 2005 USA

For my tastes, Many Bright Things' best work is Many Bright Friends, which features [i]the best[/i] cover version of Paul Butterfield Blues Band's 1966 classic 'East West'. All modern bands should revisit this Indo-blues classic on how to lay down a groove and then improvise on top. Guest Nick Salomon (Bevis Frond) lays the studio to waste, only to be immediately followed by Al Simones' incendiary and violent solo, that concludes one of the greatest one-two punches I've ever had the pleasure to hear. The other tracks on the album unfortunately don't stack up, but the 21 minute 'East West' more than makes up for any shortcomings.

Personal collection
CD: 2005 Wild Places
LP: 2005 Gates of Dawn / Wild Places

Last listen: 2013


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      It should be mentioned that even I don't consider most these writeups as "reviews". More like notes or capsules if you will. It's what I like to read from others, and it distills my thoughts, rather than writing eloquent prose for each album as it comes through. And as far as this "review" goes, it was positive in nature. So with that....

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