The Eleventh House - Introducing The Eleventh House With Larry Coryell. 1974 USA

No doubt that guitarist Larry Coryell, seeing the success of peers such as John McLaughlin, Chick Corea, and Joe Zawinul, stated something along the lines of "Hey, I can do that!". And so he compiled his own all-star lineup including legendary players such as Randy Brecker (trumpet) and Alphonse Mouzon (drums). And off to the studio they went, to demonstrate the immense amount of chops they possess. The songwriting on the debut is a bit of an afterthought - rather its sole purpose seems to be a springboard for complex instrumental sections and showboating solos. Still it's always great to hear musicians, as talented as these guys obviously are, to plug in and rock their brains out. All the mid 70s musical trappings are baked in here - so you'll get your fill of rock, jazz, funk, and tropical. You can't miss on this one if fusion is your bag.

Personal collection
CD: 1990 Vanguard

Like most albums on Vanguard, the cover art is quite interesting. The CD is a straight reissue, with no extras of any sort. It's too bad the album has been commoditized in this fashion. It's highly unlikely, at this point, that any specialist label would take it on.


  1. Hi Tom,

    My CD copy of is this must be a different reissue, as it's in a nice gatefold cardboard sleeve, and does feature a couple of bonus tracks. It's tucked away in a box upstairs right now, but I'll let you know the label if I can dig it out.

    By the way, I've always maintained that these guys (and a few others like them) in the early/mid seventies were actually producing the fastest, heaviest rock music in the world at that time, far more intense than any of the now lauded hard-rock/proto-metal groups that the have been rediscovered by curious metal-heads over the last couple of decades. This was mostly evident in a live setting, though. Here's a great example that gets truly brain frying at its climax:


    1. Yep - that's some hot stuff for sure! Definitely let me know what the other CD is. Before publishing this, I saw one from 2002 on "Universe" which is an Italian label. I know that Comet (parent of Akarma) did buy the rights to the Vanguard label at one time. And they were doing these cardboard mini-LP sleeves then. So maybe that's what it's on?

      Thanks Rob for the comment!

  2. Hi Tom,

    Yeah, that's the one! I thought there was some sort of Akarma connection there... It does seem like it was legit, though. The bonus tracks are the three rockiest and most Eleventh House-esque tracks from Coryell's "Planet End" album, "Rocks", "Cover Girl" and "The Eyes of Love". I do remember buying it around 2002, I think on Amazon. Weirdly enough, this version appears to have nearly vanished from existence over the years, even though it seems to be the superior reissue. I guess they did a pretty small print run...


  3. Cool - thanks Rob. Yep, I'm sure that one is legit too.


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