Silberbart - 4 Times Sound Razing. 1971 Germany

Silberbart - 4 Times Sound Razing. 1971 Philips

CD reissue: 2012 Long Hair

LP reissue: 2012 Long Hair

Packaging details. I picked up an original of this LP back in my mad "wheeling and dealing" days of the mid 1990s. I was a bit perturbed by the bb hole, and moved it out rather quickly. I should have kept it anyway (though I'm sure I got something great in return for it), and now it costs more than I'm willing to pay (and this has been the case since I've been on ebay). As far as reissues, the album was strictly fodder for bootleggers for the entire CD era. Until late last year, when Long Hair finally broke through with a legit issue with Universal's consent. It's not a great sounding record, as the liner notes of the CD point out that the recordings were made in less than ideal circumstances. But the original doesn't sound any better, this I can assure you.  I bought the reissue LP as well because I always loved that psychedelic gnome cover! I'll update this post if I see anything extraordinary about it, though I'm not expecting anything beyond the same liner notes.

Notes: An appropriately named album, as Silberbart on their sole album provide the listener with four very long freaked out blues psych tracks similar to "Bo Diddley" era Guru Guru. This isn't an album you hear much about, other than from early 70s hard rock collectors, but it's more towards the psychotic Krautrock sound than the usual straightforward 4/4 blues rock (vocal style notwithstanding). When compared to groups like Hairy Chapter, Haze, Light of Darkness, Dies Irae, Second Life and dozens more, Silberbart is the clear winner.

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