Pancake - Out of the Ashes. 1977 Germany

On Out of the Ashes, original guitarist and main songwriter Walter Negele basically had to build the band from the ground up from the prior release. For this lineup he added a keyboardist along with a talented singer, to provide a more symphonic sound than prior. As with Roxy Elephant, same period Jane would have to be looked upon as an influence, since they too had switched to a more spacey sound reflecting their new interest in all things Pink Floyd. This type of sound was hugely popular in Germany at this time, as not only major indigenous bands such as Eloy and Grobschnitt had migrated in this direction, but a host of more unknown groups like Indigo, Fly, and Shaa Khan had also tried their hand had emulating Animals era Floyd. Overall, Out of Ashes demonstrates a more confident Pancake, and is a slight improvement on the debut. But they were to accomplish even more on their final album No Illusions.

Personal collection
CD: 2008 Garden of Delights

The Garden of Delights CD provides a full history of the album, with copious photos, plus one bonus track.

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