Thors Hammer - s/t. 1971 Denmark

Thors Hammer - s/t. 1971 Metronome

CD reissue: 2005 Thors Hammer / Garden of Delights (Germany)

LP reissue: 2010 Thors Hammer / Garden of Delights (Germany)

Packaging details: I thought of Thors Hammer the other day, right after publishing The Old Man & The Sea album. Both have similar tales, and are extremely rare in original LP form. And like The Old Man & The Sea, Thors Hammer's sole album flourished in the bootleg market for years. Finally Garden of Delights of Germany came to the rescue with a CD, complete with a full history and great sound (no bonus tracks this time though). They love this album so much, they launched an entire new label for all of their non-German releases to, you got it, Thors Hammer. As with many labels today, they've recently followed up with an LP reissue as well.

Notes: On Thors Hammer's one album, the band plays a hard driving jazz progressive rock, typical of the UK 1971 movement ala bands like Raw Material, Diabolus, Hannibal, Aquila, etc.. Perhaps an even more accurate portrayal would the German group Nosferatu. An excellent album throughout.

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