Galliard - Strange Pleasure. 1969 England

Galliard - Strange Pleasure. 1969 Deram Nova

About a year ago, we featured Galliard's second album. Here is their debut.

CD reissue: 2009 Esoteric

Packaging details: It took many years for both of the Galliard albums to be reissued legitimately. Because of this condition, beware of pirate editions, which proliferated due to this delay. The Esoteric CD is brilliant as usual, with plenty of unique insights and history. It also features two bonus tracks from a rare 45 single. Personally I love those old Deram Nova releases, but I don't own the original of this one unfortunately, only the Esoteric CD. This album would be a good candidate for a reputable LP reissue label as well. Again, watch for those bootlegs!

Notes: A mixture of typical 1969 horn rock and British styled psychedelic rock, complete with soft affected vocals - along with a clear undercurrent of straight ahead folk-rock mixed with baroque styled classical, that was predominant from the era as well. Honestly I think Galliard are at their best when in brass rock mode (e.g. 'Skillet', 'Pastorale', 'Blood'), and tend to drag a bit when hitting the woods for a bit of folk. There was a distinct compositional improvement on their followup "New Dawn", though no doubt the cover art of the debut is more preferable.

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