Mo.Do. - La Scimmia Sulla Schiena del Re. 1980 Italy

Mo.Do. - La Scimmia Sulla Schiena del Re. 1980 IAF (International Audio Film)

CD reissue: 1993 Mellow

Packaging details: Like the Apoteosi and Rock Scene albums we've blogged about prior, Mo.Do.'s sole album is a private press from the dead years of Italian progressive rock. And, like those other albums, Mo.Do. has been saved from complete obscurity by collector Mauro Moroni and his excellent Mellow label. It remains the only reissue on the market, and is the version I personally own.

Notes: Late era Italian progressive rock album created by a band compiled by a former member of Dalton. Other than perhaps the instrumentation (e.g. ARP String Synthesizer) and production qualities, Mo.Do. seems like a classic album from 1974 Italy. A perfectly blended mix of complex progressive rock and singer songwriter music, complete with flute. Overall, similar to maybe Formula 3 or Citta Frontale. The period from 1978 to 1986 was a boneyard for Italian progressive symphonic rock, and Mo.Do. may, in fact, be the sole representative from 1980 of this much loved style. We of course realize there's plenty of other Italian albums from this period like Picchio dal Pozzo's second, Confusional Quartet, Pepe Maina's sophomore release, etc... but none of these are symphonic rock.

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