Intra - s/t. 1976-1990 USA (archival)

Over a year ago, we featured a fantastic archival find from Pittsburgh by a band called Arabesque. Prior to that, Shroom hit gold with Intra. After years of silence, Shroom has reappeared, so hopefully they have more archival discoveries like this!

This is yet another classic progressive rock album from the Midwest USA - this time Cleveland. The UK group Yes once again plays a major role in the overall sound, though snippets of other progressive rock groups enter here and there. A bit more complex, and less radio friendly than some of their peers. Hence they never found anyone to release their material in the first place! Definitely a product of the region it comes from.

The below matrix represents the recording dates:

Tracks 1-5. 1976
6-7. 1984
8-9. 1990
9-11. 1980 live

Perhaps most remarkable is the consistency of the music quality across the 15 year duration.

Personal collection
CD: 1999 Shroom


  1. Sounds interesting. I had a quick look on ebay and found a surprisingly cheap copy. Seller feedback's not great, so I hope it'll turn up at all. Worth a punt, though. Thanks for bringing another enticing obscurity to our attention!

    Cheers, Bas

  2. Hi Bas,

    Yes, this one is definitely a good one. I'm sure you'll enjoy! That is - if the seller comes through :-)

    - Tom

  3. I'm glad to report the CD arrived nice and quick, but then it took a while to arrive at the front of the listening queue (you know what it's like). The longer tracks are definitely the better ones with more complex instrumental sections; vocals are so-so. Overall a great find, though.


    1. Awesome - glad you liked it Bas. Yes, the vocals are so very "private press American". None of them are very good. That's part of the charm. LOL!


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