Eskaton - Fiction. 1983 France

Quite simply a brilliant fusion of dark 1970's Magma inspired Zeuhl and early 1980's bright New Wave sounds. Our two angelic gals are joined by main songwriter Marc Rozenberg on vocals here, adding a bizarre male narration to the proceedings. Perhaps even better is the heavy use of that wonderful compressed French fuzz guitar sound, an instrument largely missing from Zeuhl music in general. Unless, of course, you've heard that incredible brilliant debut by Eider Stellaire. And there you have the storyline for Fiction: Early Eskaton meets Eider Stellaire. I will tell you this - there is no other album like Eskaton's Fiction. Not one. Nada. If the early 80's were filled with albums like Fiction, it could have well been my favorite era of music. Alas, it was not meant to be. Folks, you really need to listen to me while I shout from the mountaintops here: Eskaton were the embodiment of pure genius. Do not miss anything the band released. Buy them all. Listen to them repeatedly. You cannot go wrong here. If everyone thinks you're nuts, then you know you've found gold.

Personal collection
LP: 1983 private
CD: 2005 Soleil Zeuhl

Another typically great Soliel Zeuhl CD reissue, with excellent sound, photos and lyrics. As bonus tracks, the reissue includes 'Le Musicien', which is a rare track from a compilation called Preludes (1985). As well, the reissue contains 4 tracks from the unreleased 1985 album Icare.

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