Resan - s/t. 1973 Sweden

A very unusual album indeed, this Resan is. Formed from the ashes of the hard rocking band Life, Resan start out in a similar terrain to the The Beatles White Album, though sung/spoken in Swedish mind you. Fortunately from here they begin drifting off onto a folky flute number ala Träd, Gräs och Stenar ('Vakuum'). And then the real party starts, with the remainder containing long, energetic, acid guitar driven numbers, some freaky percussion bits, spaced out flute, dreamy cosmic pieces and an overall general sense of the psychedelic. Would've been a perfect fit for the Silence label. I could see where this album wouldn't be well received by many, given its eclectic nature, but I found most of it interesting at least. The apex of the album is the 8+ minute '05:00'.

Personal collection
LP: 2012 Subliminal Sounds

Well here's a first for the UMR: An LP only reissue being featured. We've featured albums with both a CD and LP reissue, where the latter may have been the impetus of the posting, but never one that was only an LP reissue. It's becoming clear that, at least in the short interim, the market is moving towards LPs and away from CDs. I personally do not think this is a permanent state, and have stated such in many forums and here on my blogs. For me personally, it's not so much a problem. I still collect vinyl (originals and reissues), and possess a stereo setup that plays records on a regular basis. I also have enough space to store it all. But a proven "solid state" medium like CDs will no doubt be making a comeback in our future - and I also don't think CDs will have the near-death experience that LPs faced throughout the 1990s. Even now, the majority of reissues are on CD, and in some cases a supplemental LP.

One of the problems in the 1980s and early 1990s with LP reissues, was the shoddy quality of the packaging (and sound). Nowadays, LP reissues are done with great care. And the always-reliable Subliminal Sounds' version of Resan is no exception. I like the roughness of the cover, and both sides of the inner sleeve feature an informative essay from noted guitarist (and fellow collector) Reine Fiske. I'm still calling for a CD reissue on the CDRWL, and perhaps Subliminal Sounds will step up for that as well, but I'm fine with the LP as it stands. I've never owned the original, which some consider to be the rarest major label album from Sweden.

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