Kayak - s/t. 1974 Netherlands

The second album expands both sides of Kayak's sound. There's more of a distinct demarcation between their commercial pop aspirations and their arty progressive side. The poppier songs are tighter with stronger melodies, whereas the progressive compositions stretch the instrumental sections with plenty of complex bits. Arguably this is the better album, though I'm partial to See See the Sun as it has a better flow and a couple of knockout tracks.

Personal collection
LP: 1974 EMI
CD: 2012 Esoteric (UK)

Probably the most obscure of the early Kayak releases, as to the best of my knowledge, it was never released in the USA. I do like the cover, which is Hipgnosis-like, though I don't think they did this one. As for the CD's we have the reverse case of See See the Sun - whereas on that album Pseudonym had two bonus tracks verse Esoteric's one, this time it's Esoteric 2 to Pseudonym 1.

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