Yellow Sunshine - s/t. 1973 USA

Yellow Sunshine - s/t. 1973 Gamble. In Europe, album was released on Philadelphia International.

CD reissue: 2010 Sony (Japan mini-LP)

Packaging details: Gamble Records comes from one Kenny Gamble and his label was a part of Epic Records. The original has an embossed letter cover, as does the CD. I've seen other LP versions with a smooth cover, but I'm not sure how legitimate these are.

Notes: Yellow Sunshine are a bit outside of my normal listening fare, but there's enough crossover here to appeal to most of you I think. Yellow Sunshine were a Philadelphia based group that recorded one of the very best of the Afro psych albums. A strong hard rock edge pervades, which is something that usually missing in most of these soul-oriented works. In the big leagues of the scene with Funkadelic and Mandrill. Band evolved into MFSB, a very fine mid 1970s funk/disco group, that recorded the fantastic 'K-Jee' track, by far the best thing on the "Saturday Night Fever" soundtrack.

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