Seppo Paroni Paakkunainen – Plastic Maailma. 1971 Finland

Paakkunainen's debut features a typical all-over-the-map kitchen sink mentality. Eastern ragas, groovy hippy rock with cute female Finnish vocals, blues rock with tough male vocals (from Apollo lead singer), moody atmospheric jazz, soft religious revival music, heavy organ proto prog, Nosferatu-like guitar/flute rockers etc... Paakkunainen is the winds player and he provides some nice sax and flute leads. More focus would have lead to an even stronger album, as the production and playing are top notch.

Personal collection
CD: 2010 Rocket

A very rare album in original form, my first copy was a CD-R provided by a friend long ago. The Rocket CD solves the availability problem, and is fantastic, like all of their releases. All the liner notes are in Finnish, so we'd need a translation to fully benefit. While we were very fortunate to get those translations for Fantasia, Scapa Flow and Session, I didn't push my luck on this (lesser) title.

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