Placebo - s/t. 1974 Belgium

Placebo - s/t. 1974 Harvest (France)

CD reissue: 2011 P-Vine (Japan mini-LP)

Packaging details: For their 3rd and final album, Placebo moved to the Harvest label and switched their attempt at finding some semblance of an audience in France rather than The Netherlands. Because of the sudden move, I think this album is generally regarded as their rarest and most obscure. For some reason, RYM names this album "Placebo 74", but I'm rather certain the album doesn't have a title. From a packaging perspective, I can pretty much say exactly what I did the last 2 days which is: Original LPs are off the charts expensive, and I personally wasn't aware of Placebo until the last 6 years or so. After obtaining CD-R copies and pleading for a reissue on the CDRWL, we were all rewarded last year with fully authorized Japanese mini-LPs from P-Vine. Unlike the prior two Dutch releases, their 3rd album is a rather dull single sleeve. There are unauthorized LP versions floating about, so watch out!

Notes: This is my personal favorite of the three Placebo albums. Here the grooves go deeper, and the solos are more intense. Best of all the compositions are, to a greater degree, more unique.

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  1. Their best to my ears as it heads into a more progressive territory.


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