Zed - Visions of Dune. 1979 France

Zed - Visions of Dune. 1979 The Initial Recording Company (UK). Also 1979 Sonopresse

CD reissue: 1999 Spalax; 2014 Infiné

LP reissue: 2014 Infiné

Packaging details. The original LP (both presses) are typical non-descript French single sleeve pressings. Similarly the CD is your basic Spalax jewel case release, with no other extras. Though Zed are from France and the album received a French pressing, the UK release is considered the original, and Szajner later continued to release his solo efforts on the imprint. New CD on the Paris based Infiné label (thanks Eric) will be much welcome for fans who missed out on the now rare Spalax edition as well as providing the first reissue on LP.

Notes: Zed is one Bernard Szajner, a French synthesist and theatrical design artist, who would later plant his own name on future recordings. On "Visions" he is joined by guests on guitar, bass, drums, and vocals from various members in and around the Magma camp - though this is mostly a solo electronik musik affair. Overall the music portrays an aural painted landscape of darkness, with sequencers, Moog solos, and guitar providing the ominous atmosphere - all designed to recall the "Dune" novel. If this all sounds familiar, it is because fellow countryman Richard Pinhas (Heldon) did exactly the same thing with his second solo album "Chronolyse" one year earlier with arguably better results. Both apparently shared a fixation with Frank Herbert. Late 70s Conrad Schnitzler also comes to mind here. For fans of French dark electronic music, this one is hard to pass up.

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