SRC - s/t. 1968 USA

SRC - s/t. 1968 Capitol

CD reissues: 1993 One Way; 1998 See For Miles w/ Milestones (UK); 2010 Micro Werks (Collectors' Choice); 2012 BGO w/Milestones & Traveler's Tale (UK)

Packaging details: My introduction to SRC was via the One Way CD that I picked up about a year after release, and is still my keeper copy. Typical straight reissue from One Way with no other details. In doing research for this title, I found that BGO (Beat Goes On) has just released (this month!) all 3 SRC albums on a 2 disc set. This would most assuredly be the definitive set to own. Since I have all 3 individually on One Way, I probably won't switch out. But if you don't have these, definitely consider getting it. While the debut is definitely my favorite, the other two are good as well, and I hope to report on these soon.

Notes: When I think of 1960s psychedelic music, the debut by SRC is exactly what I want to hear. A 6 piece, with 2 guitarists and an organ player. The Quackenbush brothers clearly lead the instrumental sections with Glenn pounding away on his Hammond while Gary lays down these insane acid guitar solos - splattering it all over everything like The Plastic Cloud do - and just the way I like it. Meanwhile Scott Richardson's (Scott Richard Case is what's behind the acronym) vocals are spacey and trippy - a flower power voice in a psychotic setting.

From the town that hosts the University of Michigan, and it's clear the student body was TURNED ON in 1968 (which might explain why they lost to Ohio State 50-14 that year, but that's another story...).

SRC's debut is one of the gems of the major label US psych scene. Crushes most albums in this genre. Don't miss out on this one.

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