Magical Power Mako – Music From Heaven. 1982 Japan

Solo artist Magical Power Mako provides us with fourteen musical interludes, that could be classified as incidental music for TV & film (aka Library Music). The music has a distinct psychedelic Eastern bent with sitars, fuzz guitars and indigenous scales. Mako also performs drums and percussion on occasion.

Personal collection

Music From Heaven was originally released on Tokyo's own Marquee Moon as a promo LP, and may have in fact been the first release for the label/magazine/store. Though the Belle Antique CD lists 14 tracks, everything is stuffed onto one indexed song making it a PITA to listen to one particular track. When listening to the CD carefully on headphones, you'll hear background music, as if the master tape contained other music before being overwritten with Mako's album.

2015 update: I sold my CD copy (1994 Belle Antique)

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  1. Interesting. I have this CD and never noticed. I wonder if it was overwritten. Going to check this out. Thanks for sharing.


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