Bonfire - Bonfire Goes Bananas. 1975 Netherlands

Bonfire - Bonfire Goes Bananas. 1975 EMI

CD reissues: 1994 Pseudonym; 1994 Belle Antique (Japan)

Packaging details: The original is a single sleeve with the cover above (minus the 9468 in the lower right corner - that's the CD catalog). I should also point out that on the original LP there isn't a yellow "Bonfire" on the turntable portion of cover, which many of the websites show (including RYM). My introduction to this album was through the Japanese CD when it was first released. And that's what I still own. Never had the original LP.

Review: The comparisons to Focus and Finch are hard to avoid here. The melodic nature of the former is met with the driving guitar fronted fierceness of the latter. I would also throw in the playfulness of another Dutch group - that of Pantheon (of "Orion" fame), which Bonfire perhaps shares more in common with (minus the sax of course). Worth noting all 3 bands above are all instrumental as is Bonfire. In addition, some of the humor-in-rock recalls the Flemish band Kandahar as well as the Danish group Dr. Dopo Jam.

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