Anyone’s Daughter – Piktors Verwundlungen. 1981 Germany

Anyone’s Daughter – Piktors Verwundlungen. 1981 Spiegelei

CD reissues: 1993 WMMS; 2008 Tempus Fugit/SPV

Packaging details: I've never owned the original LP, so the WMMS CD was my first exposure to this album. As with most of that label's releases, it was light on features. The Tempus Fugit CD is the definitive edition. It comes in a slip case, with a full poster, new essay, photos and a 26 minute bonus track.

Notes:  Anyone's Daughter returns to their progressive roots on Piktors Verwandlungen, the group's 3rd effort. In fact, this was a pre-"Adonis" composition brought to fore for the first time on album. As such, the instrumental sections here bring back the Teutonic take on the mid Genesis sound similar to other German bands of their era like Ivory and Neuschwanstein. The narration (in German) can be a bit much to take in, as they sort of give off the feeling of "going to church before enjoying lunch" type of delay. And that's with consideration that I actually enjoy narration as a musical vehicle - as found in bands as diverse as Flaming Bess, Latte e Miele, and Pholas Dactylus. But here the fact remains there are over 11 minutes of Hesse's poetry to endure. All in all a good album, but with notable demerits. The Tempus Fugit CD adds a 26 minute version of the same track from the late 70s, and has to be considered an improvement.. The narration has been cut back and the instrumentation is more analog. The trimmed time seems to have highlighted more of their instrumental capabilities, and because of this, is more enjoyable on the whole. And the definitive version to own. The CD also includes a replication of a poster from a concert in Stuttgart, resembling the album cover art.

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