Anyone's Daughter - Adonis. 1979 Germany

Anyone's Daughter - Adonis. 1979 Brain

CD reissues: 1993 WMMS; 2010 Tempus Fugit/SPV

Packaging details: My first exposure to Anyone's Daughter's music was the original Brain LP (released as a single sleeve). I eventually picked up the WMMS CD release, which became quite rare over time. This availability problem was solved by the Tempus Fugit CD released a couple of years back. The second cover pasted above is from the WMMS CD, though I felt it was unnecessary to alter the original. The WMMS version, like all on the label, is pretty basic with no extras. The Tempus Fugit CD, however, is splendid. This CD, which restores the original cover art, features not only two lengthy extended progressive rock cuts that total close to 20 minutes ('The Taker', 'The Warship'), but also a cool video of the album opener. It also features a full-sized poster (from a cover they would later use for an album called "Last Tracks"), and a booklet with a full band history and unique photos.

Review: The post-Genesis movement had gained some traction in Germany and Anyone's Daughter (named after a Deep Purple song from "Fireball") was one of the more marquee groups to climb out of the scene (other more obscure references include Neuschwanstein, M.L. Bongers Project, Sirius, Ivory). AD's music was one that had the good sense to watch the pop charts while infusing quite a bit of complication to the mix so as to maintain a certain musician integrity. Anyone's Daughter had anticipated the neo progressive movement by about 3 years, and actually did benefit financially (a little anyway) from the exposure, though they came at it from a right angle. 1980s era progressive catalogs would always include Anyone's Daughter as they were, along with Eloy, easily Germany's number #1 export in this category. Hoelderlin's "Clowns and Clouds" is another good benchmark. "Adonis" is a very good album and if you like the more melodic side of progressive rock, then Anyone's Daughter's debut should be considered a must for the collection.

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