Eiliff - Girlrls! 1972 Germany

Eiliff - Girlrls! 1972 Philips

CD reissue: 1994 SPM/World Wide Music

LP reissue: 2015 Long Hair

Eiliff can do no wrong as far as I'm concerned. There's a certain sound I love about Krautrock, and in Eiliff I hear everything I could possibly want. Chunky, riffy Hammond Organ; fuzzed out Rhodes; loud electric acid guitar; jazzy rhythms; vocals that are bonkers; tripped out saxophone; fuzzy bass; alien atmosphere. Their debut is even better and yet I couldn't possibly rate this second album any less than a Masterpiece.

I first discovered this album via the original LP sometime in the early 90s. After obtaining the CD upon release, I sold the LP. Today, I would keep it, though at the time I was still in heavy acquisition mode, and needed all the funds I could get (I know many of my old compadres can relate to me here!). And this single sleeve LP wasn't the type of album cover I felt I needed to keep (fortunately I kept most of my originals back then, with only a handful of regrets - and this isn't one of my regrets). It should also be mentioned that the LP was hardly in mint condition, but definitely a VG used copy.

---So what about the cover anyway? The two aging hookers (the Eiliff guys in drag it would appear) are certainly not appealing, though I do like the contemporary early 70s German apartment - and the back cover features our gals/dudes walking down a peaceful leafy neighborhood, which is different than most covers of the era. I'm sure there's an interesting story behind the cover concept, but we don't know what it is. And one reason for that is because...

...It's almost a travesty that the only reissue of this album remains the bare bones SPM CD. No one else has reissued Eiliff's two albums in any other format. One has to presume the rights are tightly locked up by Philips (who also is sitting on the awesome Silberbart album, which has never been reissued legit). Since Garden of Delights has already released two archival albums by Eiliff, I suspect they've made the effort to reissue this properly, and were denied or it was too cost prohibitive. GoD in their liner notes for "Close Encounter With Their Third One" says this about the SPM reissues: "One had really wished for a bit more care and attention" while also noting the omission of a rare single.

2016 update: I now own the Long Hair LP reissue that came along 3 years after I first wrote this. I haven't heard it yet, though one friend warns me it wasn't the best mastering. There are two bonus tracks and unique liner notes to consider as well. Like many of the Long Hair LP reissues, the cover is a bit too "blown up". Second Battle struggled with this too.

Last update: 12/17/2016


  1. About as great as it gets in the classic prog department... the cover must be that bizarre german humour or humor as you guys say ;-)

  2. Hi Tom!

    I am quite sure that these two hookers were disguised band members ... ;-)

    See also the Cover of the first Brainstorm LP. Somehow somebody in Germany around that time thought that this kind of cover art is funny.



  3. LOL - Achim, I think you're right. Look at the arms of the one sitting down! Yep - the first Brainstorm is even more hideous. Yea, the guys in drag thing is definitely an acquired taste... I just thought they were old hookers... haha.


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