Buffalo - Volcanic Rock. 1973 Australia

Buffalo - Volcanic Rock. 1973 Vertigo

CD reissue: 2005 Aztec

Packaging details: If I'm not mistaken, the Aztec CD is the only legit version of Buffalo on the market. But like all Aztec CD's, it's a beautiful job with their usual tri-fold digi-pak loaded with goodies. On their reissue of "Volcanic Rock", they've included two live tracks, both of which could be considered their signature songs: 'Sunrise' and 'Shylock'.

Review: Buffalo's second album "Volcanic Rock" takes out the boogie rock and blues of the first album "Dead Forever" and leaves a damn good heavy rock album in its wake. I'd have to say it's one of the finest in the "slow burn" style, perhaps what could be considered Proto-Stoner. The album slowly turns over, making sure the marinate penetrates the meat. Pulverizing rhythms and omnipresent acid blues guitar solos define this mature hard rock work. And then we come to part 2 of the monumental final track, subtitled 'Shylock', a song which has to be considered amongst the all time great riffs in rock history. One has to think that Black Sabbath may have known this record (especially considering they toured with them in Australia during this period), as 3 years later they themselves released the monumental 'Symptoms of the Universe', which is remarkably similar. Absolutely essential 70s hard rock album, and Buffalo's best IMO.

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