Buffalo - Only Want You for Your Body. 1974 Australia

I really think my RYM friend Tymeshifter nails this one with referring to Buffalo's third album as being influenced by none other than Terrible Ted Nugent. They've moved on from the Sabbath inspired Volcanic Rock album and upped the pace, while maintaining a certain lascivious standard as on 'I'm a Skirt Lifter, Not a Shirt Raiser' and 'Kings Cross Ladies'. Great guitar leads that would make our Republican *buffalo* hunter proud (hey, wait a minute...). Seriously, every stoner band worth its bong has tried to emulate Dave Tice's voice. Do not even claim to be a fan of said scene without at least paying homage to the originator. And the track 'What's Going On' predates British Steel era Judas Priest by 6 years.

Sadly, Buffalo would slide way downhill from here. Boogie rock was the all the rage Downunda, and Buffalo succumbed. Gotta make a livin', I can understand that.

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CD: 2005 Aztec

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