Buffalo - Dead Forever. 1972 Australia

Buffalo - Dead Forever. 1972 Vertigo. Also 1974 Vertigo (Germany)

CD reissues: 1991 Repertoire (Germany); 2003 Akarma (Italy); 2006 Aztec; 2010 Repertoire (German mini-LP).

LP reissues: 2003 Akarma (Italy)

Packaging details: With the sad demise of Aztec announced recently, I thought this might be a good time to celebrate Australia's finest hard rock band of the 1970's: Buffalo. Without a doubt, the Aztec version is the only way to go if you have any interest at all in this band. Their tri-fold digipacks are beautiful. "Dead Forever" is their debut album, and this CD features 2 full 45 singles, plus another single from the pre-Buffalo band Head. Not to mention a full booklet loaded with photos and a complete written history through the release of this album.

Review: "Dead Forever" isn't as consistent as their next two releases, but still contains some ferocious heavy blues rock. John Baxter's tone is almost unreal at times. There is plenty of data on the internet already (look for videos on YouTube), but I liked this blurb from RYM member Rocketfrogs: "The proto-Australian hard rock band. Rooted firmly in the Uriah Heep / Black Sabbath camp, Buffalo delight in sliding power-chord mischief rife with jazzy-stoner instrumental interludes. A granite heavy cover of Free's 'I'm a Mover' features some nice bass-playing from Pete Wells (later to take up 6 string duties with Rose Tattoo). While not exactly blazing new territory 'Dead Forever' is a great slab of early 70's hard rock played with conviction."

If you haven't picked up this or the next two Buffalo albums on CD, then I would highly encourage you to get started before they are sold out!

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