Blood Ceremony – Living with the Ancients. 2011 Canada

I personally love the combination of female vocals, flute, organ and fuzz guitar - so the band can almost do no wrong as far as I'm concerned. Jethro Tull is an inevitable comparison because of the flute, but there are no similarities beyond that. Personally I think bands like Tomorrow's Gift (first album), Goliath (UK 1970), Room, and Affinity are closer to the sound here than Tull. And if you don't know these bands, and enjoy Blood Ceremony, then cool - new albums for you to discover right? (though I feel compelled to mention that none of these groups have the doom metal component, so what I mean here is Tomorrow's Gift meets Sabbath or Goliath meets Sabbath etc...).

Lyrically, I wish they'd move past the 9th grade. I can do without "I summon thee my demon, Lord of the Flies; With this Commandment Thou Shalt Rise." Really?

Personal collection
CD: 2011 Metal Blade (USA)

Last listen: March 14, 2012

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