Prof. Wolfff - s/t. 1972 Germany

Prof. Wolfff - s/t. 1972 Metronome

CD reissue: 1998 Second Battle

LP reissue: 2011 Second Battle

Packaging details: Prof. Wolfff is a band I'd read about in catalogs, but never actually had a chance to hear until I bought the Second Battle CD in 1998, immediately after it was released. As we mentioned back in the Haze thread, there are a handful of "rules" I follow if I'm going to buy an LP reissue. Prof. Wolfff is a perfect choice for this. Originals are off the charts expensive, the music is very good but not exceptional, and it features a cool gatefold cover with fantastic artwork. Not to mention that Second Battle always does a fine packaging job. The CD is no slouch either, that comes in a tri-fold digipak. For the CD, the insert is a poster foldout filled with concert clippings and an overview of the band (in German). For the LP, they provided a large booklet with newspaper reviews and photos. The German history has been left off. Both reissues replicate the original, which had the lyrics printed inside the gatefold. I'm keeping both formats. It's good to see Second Battle back in the game. They've done some repressings of LPs already reissued, but this is the first time in a long while that they had offered up something new.

For years, I'd read that this album was from 1971, but I don't think the original has a date on it (I've never seen one). The Second Battle reissues clearly mark the copyright as 1972. So my guess is the album came out in early 1972. Had it come a few months later, I would imagine it would have found itself on Metronome's newly minted Brain label.

Review: Prof. Wolfff were one of the very few German bands in the early 1970s that actually sang in German. While the lyrical content may have you thinking this is a Deutschrock album, the music is pure Hammond/guitar driven Krautrock. Musically they remind me of a cross between Gomorrha and Haze. Night Sun, McChurch Soundroom and Virus are other guideposts. A very fine release, and collectors of the scene should not miss it.

Our friend Rivertree at ProgArchives writes: "PROF. WOLFFF's self-titled album is technically impressing. The songs have been recorded in 1971 at the Jankowsky studio, Stuttgart, produced by Jonas Porst who also was the manager of IHRE KINDER. You can explore excellent heavy blues rock with folk and psych contributions dominated by a prominent Hammond organ. The band members have been pioneers using strong political lyrics in German. Sometimes music and texts seem to be very contrary - but on the other hand this makes it very unique. Remarkable are also excellent vocals which was not taken for granted based on German bands. Distributed by the Metronome label in 1972 this album is one of the rare searched vinyls of the German progressive rock history."

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  1. Marvellous, another impossible to find CD goes onto the wishlist :-) BTW, I see there's a bandcamp site where a digital copy can be had, for those who are so inclined (I know, present company not included).

    Cheers, Bas


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