Pollen - s/t. 1976 Canada

Pollen - s/t. 1976 Kebec Disc

CD Reissues: 1994 Kozak; 2005 ProgQuebec; 2010 Belle Antique (Japan mini-LP)

Packaging details: I've owned the LP (a single sleeve cover) of this since about 1990 or so. Much was made back then of the "pot leaf" back cover, and that it had to be retracted and repressed with the band photo shot. And supposedly it was much rarer. Well, I've owned close to a dozen of these in the past and I think I've had 6 of each. FWIW, I kept the leaf cover for my collection, just in case... Kozak resolved the CD reissue question quickly and I owned that version until recently when I upgraded to the Japanese mini. With a cover like that, it's worth having in that format. And the Belle Antique press is from the same mastering as the ProgQuebec edition (but minus English liner notes unfortunately). There are no LP reissues, though originals still aren't too expensive.

Notes: If you're not familiar with Pollen, then consider it a must own album if you're a fan of 70s progressive rock. It's a staple of the diet.

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