Cherry Five - s/t. 1975 Italy

Cherry Five are an anomaly for the Italian progressive rock scene, in that they sing in English and have a sound that is squarely from the big names of the scene like Yes, Genesis and Gentle Giant. In this way, they recall Mass Media Stars era Acqua Fragile, though Cherry Five are significantly more heavy and complex. Formed by the main two protagonists of Goblin with participation of drummer Carlo Bordini from Rusticelli & Bordini. So if you can blank your mind of images of Museo Rosenbach and Il Balletto di Bronzo, and pretend Cherry Five are from London, then this is quite a good mid 70s progressive rock album. All the vintage keyboard toys are on display and there's plenty of complex compositions to dive into. A really good album.

Personal collection
LP: 1986 Nexus (Japan)
CD: 1993 King (Japan)
CD: 2010 Belle Antique (Japan)

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