Canarios - Ciclos. 1974 Spain

Canarios were a pop band prior to this album, and they could not have changed any more dramatically than on Ciclos. The album features four LP side long overblown symphonic rock numbers, loosely based on Vivaldi's Four Seasons. It's a sincere effort, extremely well thought out and complex. For some, it probably represents a parody of the entire progressive rock genre. I think it's great.

Personal collection
LP: 1980 King (Japan)
CD: 1992 Si-Wan (Korea)
CD: 2010 Sony (Japan)


  1. There was also an official CD release by BMG-Ariola Spain in 1993. Probably the most faithful reproduction to the original vinyl.

  2. Hi Spyros - Yep, I had that one listed as well. Though I've not heard that version personally.


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