Galliard - New Dawn. 1970 England

Galliard - New Dawn. 1970 Deram

CD reissue: 2009 Esoteric

Packaging details: The only legit reissue is the usual great job from Esoteric with extensive liner notes and great sound. No bonus tracks though. I've never owned the original, which is a rather simple single sleeve. It also happens to be very rare and expensive. There are no LP reissues to date.

Notes: "New Dawn" is a strong brass rock entry from England, and compares favorably to other UK like-minded bands such as Brainchild, Heaven, Greatest Show on Earth, and Rock Workshop. Galliard adds folk and even a bit of sitar on Ask for Nothing. Great songwriting, and Galliard could have easily been a household name as a pop sensation.

"New Dawn" is their second album, and I was just about to add it to the CDRWL when I heard they planned on reissuing it. My favorite track is the instrumental 'Premonition', which sounds like Herb Alpert playing the music of Sugarloaf.

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