Windopane - See? 1994 USA

In the early 90's there were a few bands from both the Midwest United States and in the UK which featured guitar centric psychedelic groups that revolved around long improvised and frenetic jams. From the UK you had Bevis Frond, Outskirts of Infinity, Ear Candy, Mynd Muzik and the Incredible Expanding Mindfuck. From Ohio and Indiana there was Many Bright Things, Simones, Tombstone Valentine, and... Windopane. The twist here is that Windopane were lead by a husband and wife team of dual guitarists, with an accompanying booklet that implies a heart wrenching story of a child given up to adoption by the female lead when she was only 16. A fairly active drummer rounds out the trio.

There really isn't anything extraordinary about this album, or the compositions within. But if you like a good old fashioned instrumental wah wah guitar extravaganza without ever going to excess, then this is one you should look for in the dollar bin of your local brick and mortar - or favorite auction house.

They released another album a year later, which I recall as not being up to snuff. Don't remember much about it, but I sold it way back when in any case.

Personal collection
CD: 1994 Or

The second cover scan is the CD issue.

Last listen: 2011

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