Sunlight - Creation of Sunlight. 1968 USA

Sunlight - Creation of Sunlight. 1968 Windi

CD reissue: 2005 Lion Productions

LP reissue: 2002 Void

Packaging notes: The CD is a fantastic job with historical liner notes, and a rare single (of which one of the two songs is unique). Watch out for bootlegs of this title as they were numerous prior to Lion's reissue.

---Within collector circles, the band has always been known as Creation of Sunlight. However, according to the liner notes of the CD, the band was called Sunlight and "Creation of Sunlight" is the album title. Despite being on the quirky Windi label, which was based in Utah, the group were from Long Beach, CA. Windi is most famous for releasing the Merkin album.

Notes: Excellent sunshine pop psych with harmony vocals, flute,organ, fuzz guitar. Frequently compared to the early Strawberry Alarm Clock albums, and that's a fair comparison - though not near as consistent overall.

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  1. "In The Middle Of Happy" is a masterful flower psych song.


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