Orion - La Nature Vit, L'Homme Lui Critique… 1979 France

In the early 1970s, Ange were the big name in French rock. Combining the progressive rock of Genesis and Yes with theatrical lyrics in the native tongue proved to be all the rage in France during this time. And naturally enough, it spawned an entire music movement with a side benefit of national pride being displayed. Mona Lisa were probably the style's most known student, but plenty of lesser known groups sprung up during this period as well. The CDRWL is filled with them (Trefle, Oniris, Ada Le Fol and many others). Musea, too, in the early 1990s did their part in educating the world on this most unique and peculiar French style. Bands like Grime, Pentacle and Synopsis were introduced to us, and the pot seemed endless. Orion was but one of these groups - and certainly one of the more inspired bands of the era. Flute, electric and acoustic guitars, a hyper rhythm section, and of course the impassioned vocals define this mature work. There's a touch of Pulsar's space rock sound as well. With the right breaks, Orion could have been huge. But alas, 1979 was too late. I hope that Musea starts up the reissue engine again, and releases the remainder of these great bands as demonstrated in the CDRWL.

Personal collection
CD: 1993 Musea

The CD features a great sound, bonus tracks, liner notes, photos. For whatever reason, the band chose to go with a new sleeve. I kind of like the original myself, goofy as it is. The newer one is soooo 1990s clip-art.

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