Orchestra Luna - s/t. 1975 USA

Orchestra Luna - s/t. 1975 Epic

CD reissue: 2007 Market Square (UK)

Packaging notes: CD is a nice legit reissue with full liner notes and photos.

Notes: In honor of Modulus' reissue of Randy Roos' "Mistral" album, as mentioned on the CDRWL, which is now scheduled for March 2012 - my friend and Gnosis colleague Eddie Lascu sent me a CD of Randy's first band - Orchestra Luna, which is quite a bit different from the fusion-esque Roos album.

Though a bit out of scope for the usual UMR fare, I think it's an album worth discovering. No sense in myself writing a review, when Eddie has already provided a fantastic and enthusiastic review on Gnosis. Check it out!

Thanks again Eddie for sending over the CD!

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