Odissea - s/t. 1973 Italy

Odissea - s/t. 1973 RiFi

CD reissues: 1989 Vinyl Magic; 1991 King (Japan); 2011 Belle Antique (Japan mini-LP)

Packaging details: Prior to owning the Japanese mini, I was in possession of the Vinyl Magic CD, which has been on the market since 1989, and remarkably was the only readily available CD out there before this version. This was one of the very first albums I bought on CD without owning the LP first - and according to my database I've owned it since 1990. I like the scan from RYM (shown here), because it is indeed true that almost all original copies suffer from lamination "crinkling". I've never had an original, but I do plan on purchasing one eventually (12/11/12 update: And now I do own an original!).

Notes: The other progressive rock band on RiFi, the label most known for bringing Circus 2000 to the world. Odissea is generally considered a second or third tier Italian progressive work, but I disagree. All the elements of classic Italo-prog are at play here, minus some of the more overt instrumental gymnastics of their peers. The song structures and atmosphere all point to the classic 1973 sound. The gruff and husky vocals recall Jumbo, and I find them highly appealing and very much of their era. I'm not prone to use terms like underrated, but I think this is one case that does apply. The implication is that Odissea are a "soft prog rock" band, but this is by no means a lame singer-songwriter album, and there are plenty of heavy progressive rock moments to be found.

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