Nine Days Wonder - s/t. 1971 Germany

Was there a more radical album in 1971 than Nine Days Wonder's debut? Nothing stays in one place too long, some themes explored only in mere seconds, moving from idea to idea similar to how some Italian progressive rock albums did two years later in 1973. Electric guitar, sax and flute are the primary drivers, and the rhythm section is very inventive. Imagine fellow Germans Brainstorm circa "Smile Awhile", but rather than taking it through the Canterbury blender, it takes as its blueprint Frank Zappa at his most progressive. The humor component, and the heavier edge, also recalls early Grobschnitt, a band that most certainly was influenced by NDW. I could see a modern group like Polytoxicomane Philharmonie being heavily swayed by this album as well. From here, Nine Days Wonder changed personnel and decided to focus more on their glam rock / David Bowie side of their sound, and the quality dropped dramatically from here IMO.

Personal collection
CD: 1993 Bacillus
LP: 2010 Long Hair

The CD is from the masters tape, but lacks any details such as bonus tracks, history, etc.. Very typical of a major label straight CD reissue from the early 90s. Long Hair's LP reissue is just like the original - in a foam coated gatefold cover. This version does come with a detailed bio sheet. It's an awesome product, and given that the original in this format is off the charts expensive (not to mention usually in awful shape). The album covers shown above are as follows: 1) The original foam cover; 2) The German second press (and the French press is similar but with different lettering; 3) The CD reissue.

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