Maneige - Ni Vent... Ni Nouvelle. 1977 Canada

Maneige - Ni Vent... Ni Nouvelle. 1977 Polydor

CD reissues: 1994 Kozak; 2006 ProgQuebec; 2010 Belle Antique (Japan mini-LP)

Packaging details: I owned the first legit CD reissue of this album on Kozak for years and just upgraded to the Belle Antique version. I've had the original LP forever, and the album cover is one of my all-time favorites. So much so, that it is always on display at our home. As such, I really wanted the Japanese mini-LP, which is an exact copy of the ProgQuebec version, and includes 4 bonus tracks, though unfortunately leaves off the liner notes. Originals aren't terribly expensive, even now, so if you're a vinyl collector - be sure to grab one.

Notes: Another band that needs no introduction here. Maneige had decidedly turned to a more fusion stance by this, their 3rd album. If pressed to name a favorite, I would probably pick this album, but the first 4 are fantastic, as is any live recording that was recorded during the mid 1970s. And speaking of which, the 4 live tracks here demonstrate that Maneige were far more unrestrained live than in the studio, and these tracks pack a punch.

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