Jettison Slinky - Dank Side of the Morn. 1999 USA

Jettison Slinky, a 10 piece ensemble lead by keyboardist Graham Connah, were another interesting band coming from the fruitful 1990s San Francisco Bay Area scene. There's a strong Canterbury melodic sense throughout, and the heavy guitars, keyboards, and dual female vocalists point to an obvious affinity for National Health. It's almost shocking to me that an American band can pull off this most distinctly English style of rock music. One of the ladies on the album is none other than Jewlia Eisenberg, leader of the Klezmer inspired band Charming Hostess, and a darling of the Avant Progressive fan base. Trombone and clarinet add a unique palette. Beyond the Canterbury references, there's also a distinct mid-1960s Brill Building campy/sweetness going on with the melodic jingles recalling perhaps a mix of the Rascal Reporters and Stereolab. And I'm also hearing characteristics of U Totem, where the density of the compositions become a bit hard to penetrate. On the album's closer 'Eternal Dalmation', Jettison Slinky begins to experiment with avant-garde deconstruction which is an unnecessary and disappointing conclusion to an otherwise very satisfying album.

Personal collection
CD: 1999 Evander

Last listen: 2015

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