Area – Arbeit Macht Frei. 1973 Italy

Very well known album that needs no introduction. For my tastes, this is my favorite Area album, closely followed by Crac!. I'm not a huge Area fanboy as many of my friends and peers are, as I tend to shiver at Area's more avant garde and free-jazz moments. Thankfully those are kept at a minimum on their debut album, where the tight unison ensemble work allows Stratos to showcase his unconventional vocal style, which I do enjoy when not done to excess.

Personal collection
LP: 1973 Cramps
CD: 2007 Strange Days / Universal (Japan)

The 2011 Japan mini-LP truly replicates the original gatefold and includes the cardboard gun. I have a Cramps original on LP, but like most copies, it does not include the gun.


  1. From your description I'd say this is an exact replica of the CD I have on the Cramps label from a few years ago (can't find a date on it, but RYM and the seller I bought it from have it as a 2009 issue). It has the gun and also a little round "International popular group" pin. I think you can still find copies on the net, which are probably a bit cheaper than the Japanese ones.

    Cheers, Bas

  2. Thanks Bas for your comments here and on Ramses!


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